Development of Blockchain products

Audit of Smart contracts

Security audit

Examples of our projects

Technology Digital infinity

We develop and integrate solutions based on Blockchain technology

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Our services

CPI Network*

    - Development of data aggregation system

    - Development of personal accounts for webmasters, advertisers and

      net administrators

    - Interaction with Landings

    - Development of bots in Telegram

    - Development of interaction with Bitcoin node

    - In our plans future development of similar bot for Ethereum

P2p Bitcoin exchange in Telegram

Are you looking for an experienced contractor?

We will take care of the technical part of your project implementation.

How we work





You come to us with an idea, we help to develop it and consult you about technical implementation, and also we plan the timing and cost of development.

We design your project in accordance with its tasks, user needs and costumer wishes. Firstly we study target audience and business needs.

We analyze the project tasks and design the system in accordance with development and future changes. We lay the foundation of your project.

We develop a code to create smart contracts in special language Solidity. If you have specific requirements, we can use other stacks and languages.

Quality assurance


Security audit

Further development

We devote special

attention to the quality

control in order to resolve

problems as they come up.

We check all the

components of the system

and each script separately.

We publish the smart contract in blockchain, and the front-end in distributed file system or on the server.

To protect the system from hacking, we carry out an internal audit. We are ready to involve external cyber security expert for additional control.

We help you to start your ICO, through creating a separate smart contract, the personal accounts of the investor and the owner of the project.

About Us

We are a team experienced professionals.

Programmers with knowledge of various languages and technologies, system administrators, managers, information safety specialist, testers, designers.

Creating a Token economy

Smart contracts development

Building a Blockchain


Development of user accounts

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A number of our projects are still protected by the NDA and their concepts cannot be disclosed at the moment.

Used technologies

For front-end we use:


For back-end we use

GO, PHP, Yii2 Framework, Laravel Framework, nodeJS

For data storage we use:

Postgres, Yandex ClickHouse

For development of Smart-Contracts based on Ethereum we use:

Solidity, Truffle RPC

We use our own Framework to work with Telegram

Office adress:

Tower Federation

Presnenskaya nab., 12, Moscow